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Ambri’s liquid metal battery technology is distinct from other storage options on the market today. Each cell consists of three self-separating liquid layers — two metals and a salt — that float on top of each other based on density differences and immiscibility. The system operates at elevated temperature maintained by self-heating during charging and discharging. The result is a low-cost and efficient storage system.

Low Cost

Ambri achieves low cost through the use of inexpensive, earth-abundant materials and a design that can take advantage of the economies of scale inherent to electro-metallurgy and conventional manufacturing.


In the world of electricity storage, the liquid metal battery technology performs like both a tractor and a race car. It can respond to regulation signals in milliseconds and it can store up to twelve hours of energy and discharge it slowly over time.

Long Lifespan

Liquid electrodes offer a robust alternative to solid electrodes, avoiding common failure mechanisms of conventional batteries, such as electrode particle cracking. The all-liquid design avoids cycle-to-cycle capacity fade because the electrodes are reconstituted with each charge.

Easy to Permit

The liquid metal battery operates silently, is emissions-free and has no moving parts.


Ambri’s liquid metal battery technology is unique - it has distinct properties and performance capabilities - and is unlike any other battery technology in the world. As a result, Ambri has secured a strong intellectual property position. The company has filed or has licensing rights to more than 30 domestic and international patents and patent applications and continues to pursue broad coverage.


The Chemistry

Ambri’s liquid metal battery was initially based on magnesium and antimony as the negative and positive electrodes, respectively, and a low cost molten salt electrolyte. Since then, Ambri has transitioned to using higher voltage and lower cost chemistries.

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The System

Ambri’s liquid metal battery is modular — allowing repeatable manufacturing and easy transport. Cells are stacked into refrigerator-sized modules which are placed into a 40-foot shipping container rated at 500 kW and 2 MWh storage capacity. For more energy, more systems can be deployed together side by side.