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"This summer was amazing! I am so glad that I got the opportunity to work at Ambri - it was an amazing experience for me because of the great working environment, the friendly people that I met, and the interesting work that I got to do." 
Shums Kassam, Engineering Co-op Student

"I believe so strongly in Ambri’s mission that I moved across the country to work here." 
Nick Shelton, Engineering Technician

"Working for Ambri is the ideal job for an engineering co-op student or summer intern -- it's a small team and your work really matters." 
Mike Benoit, Engineering Co-op Student


Why Work at Ambri?

Ambri is building an electricity storage solution that will change the entire electric power system, and we are always looking for intelligent, dedicated people to help join our team of world-class scientists, engineers and business people. We have a great benefits package and a generous vacation policy — along with regular team activities like weekly company lunches and semi-annual community service days. We are a diverse organization that is passionate about achieving our mission, and enjoying ourselves in the process.

Our mission at Ambri is to research, develop and deploy world-wide grid-scale energy storage.  We are in business to change the age-old paradigm of the electric power industry — “Electricity can’t be stored” — by creating a cost-effective, scalable and safe battery technology. Our batteries will improve our energy future by enabling the integration of renewable resources like wind and solar, avoiding the need to build new fossil fuel power plants as well as transmission and distribution facilities, eliminating congestion in electricity grids and ultimately reducing costs.

How will we accomplish our mission? Our team.

Ambri’s employees are the most important factor in our success – and each and every person on our team has a significant role to play.  Ambri is dedicated to creating a work environment that is inspiring, collaborative, safe and, ultimately, highly productive. We strive to hire performers at the top-of-the-top, who possess intelligence, passion, and persistence.

We hope you decide to join the adventure with us.